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Legacy-like 1-4 player coop sci-fi dungeon crawler from Doteira Games. Featuring a 40+ mission campaign, character progression & tactical combat.

In a galaxy where the secrets of interstellar travel have been lost to time and primitive species war over ancient technology, players must band together to stop an encroaching threat to the galaxy. 

Phantom Epoch is a fully cooperative 1–4 player roleplaying board game with tactical combat and a persistent world that blends sci-fi and fantasy themes. 

Phantom Epoch Box

In a choice-driven 40+ mission campaign, players will:

Planet Thespara




Vanished Orb
Mutant Grallok





the true nature of their enemy

Gameplay and Components

Mission Gameplay

Every mission has its own map, objectives, enemies, and challenges. Each map has a unique layout. Enemy movements and actions are determined by no less than three randomized inputs between turns. Each mission, each round, each turn will require you to frequently adjust and adapt your strategies to changing circumstances.


Mission Books
Initiative Example


Push Your Luck

Each round, players will be able to choose as few or as many action cards to play on their turn as they want, provided the sum of the cards’ AP is equal to or less than their character’s maximum AP value. Be warned though, the higher your chosen AP, the more powerful your turn will be, but the later it will come. The whole map may have changed by the time your turn rolls around.


Phantom Epoch features many unique components, including innovative HP and condition tracking bases where all the information you need about a particular figure can be found directly on that figure. As players progress through the campaign, they will discover and unlock new components that allow them to customize their characters in new and unique ways, expanding upon the many choices already available at the start of the campaign.


Slink Miniature

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