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The Grallok homeworld is a harsh, volcanic planet known as Berkav. The Gralloks, a tribal people, are often engaged in conflict, particularly over valuable resources left behind by the Vanished. The largest coalition of tribes is led by a brutal, enigmatic figure self-proclaimed as the Omnipotent Overlord.


Humans originate from the picturesque world of Orbos. The vast majority live under the dominion of the Divine Emperor, a mysterious figure who has reigned for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.


Renowned for their agility of mind and body, Slinks hail from the jungle world of Thespara. Among the species left behind by the Vanished, they have achieved the most remarkable advancements with Vanished technology, harnessing precious nova cells to power wondrous devices.


Rarely seen on any of the three known planets in the galaxy, the Volanen are an avian species known for their martial society and stoic nature. They tend to keep to themselves. While incapable of sustained flight, their feathered arms enable them to glide short distances.






The scoundrels of the galaxy, Rogues eke out their living in any way possible; often to the detriment of those they encounter. Adept at disappearing into the shadows and blending into any crowd, Rogues are experts when it comes to stealth. Living in the underbelly of society necessitates that Rogues develop skill with weaponry, often preferring to strike first and then fade away before their enemies have a chance to respond. The Phantom Epoch’s Rogue was selected shortly after a successful heist that would have seen them set up for life. Embarking on a heroic mission is really not their style, but how are they going to enjoy their riches if the galaxy is wiped out? Besides, as they see it, people are idiots, and the job is only going to get done if they do it themself. The Rogue branches into either the Assassin or the Spy advanced class.

Advanced Classes

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TTS - Assassin Back.png


Healers across the galaxy employ a myriad of techniques and equipment to tend to their patients. Many spend time on the frontlines of battle, tending to and protecting the wounded. While they’d rather heal than harm, their advanced knowledge of anatomy offers a unique perspective on how best to neutralize threats to themselves and their allies. Renowned for their unparalleled expertise, the Phantom Epoch’s Healer was sought after by many. In an era when the advanced medicine of the Vanished has been lost to the common people, the Healer journeyed far and wide to master restorative arts, from herbalism to surgical care. The Healer branches into either the Combat Medic or Surgeon advanced class.

Advanced Classes

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Combat Medic

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Warriors are the fiercest combatants and staunchest defenders found in the galaxy. Equally adept at dealing a blow as taking one, a Warrior uses brute force and indomitable will to conquer their enemies. The Phantom Epoch’s Warrior was a legend on their home planet, nearly revered by their people. Surviving on the frontlines of countless battles was sure evidence that the Warrior was either blessed, or profoundly skilled. The Warrior branches into either the Bodyguard or Commando advanced class.

Advanced Classes

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Rangers are known for their prowess with nature. Across all the planets and peoples of the galaxy, they are the ones who feel more at home in the wild than in civilization. The necessity of hunting to sustain themselves means that Rangers are often expert marksmen, capable of hitting their prey from long distances. The Phantom Epoch’s Ranger was chosen for their near supernatural agility and skill with a bow. Surviving alone in the harshest environments for years has prepared the Ranger for any trials to come. The Ranger branches into either the Sharpshooter or Survivalist advanced class.

Advanced Classes



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Arsonist Back.png


Whether servants to the flame or masters of it, Arsonists hold a deep fascination for fire. They’d gladly set the world ablaze just to watch it burn. They have perfected the art of igniting the unignitable and destroying the indestructible. No sane person would regard an Arsonist as a hero, but when the cold dark approaches, who better to chase it away? The Phantom Epoch’s Arsonist is no stranger to the flame. Over the course of many years, they’ve become one with it. Chosen for their ability to wield fire in battle and the willingness to do so despite the danger to themself and their allies, the Arsonist stands ready to fight back the coming darkness. The Arsonist branches into either the Pyromancer or Flameborn advanced class.

Advanced Classes



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